Get Things Done for great results

Having great ideas that come to nothing is always disappointing. Unfortunately the reasons for not getting things done are common and exist in companies of all sizes and stages of development. 

Why we Get Things Done?

Having Great Ideas is the start but unfortunately many ideas never progress beyond that.

Familiar activities are often the comfort zone that stops us from thinking of better ways and implementing ideas for improvements. This has seen, once successful, companies failing by not adapting to changing markets or technologies.

To be successful we need to see the bigger picture instead of spending all our energy doing what we have always done. A rapidly changing environment means that we cannot afford to employ the “don’t fix if it’s not broken” approach because what was great last year may not be that good this year and there may be a completely new solution next year.

What we do for you

Our mission is to help businesses to Get Things Done. We can help with an external view to help you understand what needs doing and we can help when you know exactly what needs doing.

We work in the following areas but please contact us for any cases where you need to Get Things Done. 

KPI Reports allow you to see how your business is performing in the way you want and understand. We create reports that help you track performance on your terms.

We have worked with Xero, Myob accounting and with Projectworks and WorkflowMax project management systems.

Process Improvement looks at all areas of your business, with you, to identify opportunities where continuous improvement can create efficiencies and productivity gains.

We can produce quote templates, standardised trade terms and debt management solutions, that integrate with commonly used accounting packages. 

Sales and Marketing systems that work together effectively will improve your sales performance and return on investment.

From sales consultancy on CRM systems (Act!, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho) to delivering consistent branding across all media with brand manuals, email signatures and website and online advertising improvements. 

Consulting and Mentoring is an area we have worked in for a number of years as a mentor with Business Mentors NZ.

The limitation of this form of mentoring is that it relies on you to get things done. Our paid consulting and mentoring service goes a step further – we get things done for you!